Sunday, 25 September 2016

How To Clean Greasy Kitchen Hood?

If there is something that needs regular cleaning in your home, then it is the kitchen hood. When you do not clean the kitchen hood regularly, it will always be dirty reducing its functionality and quality.

When conducting kitchen cleaning for greasy kitchen hood, two things are entailed. First, you will perform degreasing and cleaning of the kitchen exhaust hood. This includes both interior and exterior. Secondly, you will need to do degreasing and cleaning of exhaust hood grease filters.

When do you need to clean a kitchen hood?

It is always advisable to do kitchen cleaning regularly; at least once in a month. This is very great for your health. At times, you may realize a funky smell is coming out from your stove. This is now the best time to clean the kitchen hood, but it does not mean that you are too late with the cleaning.

It is not a surprising thing to have greasy kitchen hood because this is what is expected of it in the real sense. If your hood is functioning correctly, it is for it to pull all the fumes from your stove top. This means that over some time, the hood and the filter will develop some stinky, greasy residue. This residue may then attract insects, and this has become a serious problem to most people in Singapore.

6 Simple steps of cleaning a greasy kitchen hood effectively

There are several tips and methods that someone can apply to clean the kitchen hoods. Below are six easy and straightforward tips that will help you clean the greasy kitchen hood in a very effective and efficient manner. As a homeowner, you can follow them.

1. Prepare all the items needed for the activity
To clean the hoods quickly, first of all, you need to prepare all the elements that are necessary for the cleaning. The items that you may need include newspaper, sponge, dish soap, paper towels, rubber gloves, clean towel, scrub brush, and any other item that you feel is necessary. Make sure that the glove that you choose is resistant to chemicals. A rubber glove is recommended.

2. Protect the items under the kitchen hood
All the items that are under this hood need to be covered before you start the cleaning. You must cover the kitchen counters completely including the stove itself. This will prevent any dust that may come down to your stove. One of the effective ways to cover the kitchen counters and the stove is by the use of newspaper that you had prepared.

3. Start the cleaning
After you have prepared all the items required, you can now remove the range hood filter and place it in a kitchen sink or in a baking sheet. The next thing you need to do in this step is to put on the chemical resistant gloves before you proceed with the cleaning.

4. Start with the exterior cleaning of the kitchen hood
Warm water mixed with dish soap is much recommended while cleaning the surface of the hood. The role of the dish soap in this step is to remove any impurity or grease that may be found on the surface of the hood. To clean this surface completely, it is advisable that you use a sponge. As you clean the hood surface, try as much as you can to remove all the grease and the persistent stains. You also need to rinse the sponge frequently while doing the cleaning. After you have felt that all the stains and grease are wiped away, you can use a clean towel to wipe the surface of the hood.

5. Go back to the filter screen
You can now move to the filter screen. This is another product that you need not forget to clean regularly. It is this product that filters all the dust, dirt, smoke and any other impurity in the kitchen. This means that it must be cleaned regularly. It depends on with the kind of filter that you have. Some filters can be cleaned thoroughly using detergent or dish soap. This, therefore, depends on the manual of your kitchen hood. It is, therefore, important to take a keen look at the manual of the kitchen hood. However, one of the most used methods of cleaning the filter hood is to blow some air through the filter screen. This can help in removing all the impurities or any dirty item from the screen. 

6. Move to the interior of the kitchen hood
You can now take your step of cleaning to wiping the interior of the kitchen hood. Since you had removed the filter screen, it is now very easy to clean the interior of the hood. This step is very essential in keeping your kitchen hood clean every day. You will need to use a clean cloth for the efficient cleaning of the inner part of the hood. However, you need not forget using the cleaning products like oil based cleaners for a complete cleaning of the hood. You can as well use the newspaper that had been prepared earlier to clean the interior of the hood.

Advantages of regular cleaning of kitchen hood

Regular kitchen cleaning is very essential to everyone. One of the benefits of the regular cleaning is that the exhaust suction power is always kept at optimal efficiency. This will prevent smoke and odor from filling the kitchen which may keep the room smoky and hot. The cleaning, therefore, makes the kitchen a comfortable place to be.

Another advantage of regular cleaning of kitchen hood is that it eliminates any potential fire hazard. When the grease builds up in the filters and the exhaust hood and is not cleaned, it may act as a fuel for the fire. This may put you and your house at a high risk.

By cleaning the kitchen hood, you get a healthy and a safe kitchen. If the hood is not cleaned, the grease that builds up in it may attract insects which most of the times are not good for the health of your family members. Regular cleaning of the kitchen hood, therefore, gives you a peace of mind.

These are the useful tips that you can employ in kitchen cleaning. It is always good to clean the device at least after every month to keep it clean. You also have to wipe the unit regularly to remove any dust or grease completely. The cleaning process may be tiresome for some people and even the time may not be there to do the cleaning. If you are such kind of person, it is advisable that you contact a cleaning service company in Singapore. The cleaning company will help you to do the job for you. This company should be able to do the cleaning properly, and before you choose the right one, you need to compare the services.