Saturday, 2 July 2016

9 Amazing Hari Raya Spring Cleaning Tips

It is surprising how most people prefer to have a clean and neat environment but still find the process of cleaning tedious and boring. This is because many a time cleaning has been regarded as a tedious process that involves a number of processes such as scrubbing and arranging things around a person's house. Although this is the case most times, there are various tips on how to have a clean house with less hustle. The following Hari Raya, spring cleaning tips will help make cleaning easy for you and ensures that you get to enjoy a clean and sanitary house.

Hari Raya, Spring Cleaning Tips

1.Use simple home based cleaning agents

There are various things you could use to clean things in your house other than detergents. This means that cleaning is not limited to the use of commercial detergents alone but you can just as easily make use of commonly available things. These things include;

· Vinegar has been known to be a great help when it comes to cleaning. It can be used in cleaning various things such as stains from cups, removing odors from fridges and when sprayed it in your bathroom, it will help to kill germs.

· Lemons can be used to clean and freshen up your microwave, your wooden chopping board and it can also be used as a disinfectant.

· Baking soda can help you clean many things around your home because it is less corrosive than some detergents. You can mix it with vinegar or salt to make an amazing cleaning agent.

· Mayonnaise can be very helpful in removing water marks on wood floors, cupboards, tables and the like.

2 .Regular cleaning

This can be regarded as one of the best things to do to lighten up the process of cleaning one's house. This is because it reduces the amount of dirt that accumulates on the surfaces in your house. This therefore reduces the amount of work needed to be done in order to remove the piled up dirt. This can be achieved by;

· Creating a regular cleaning routine.
· Choosing a day for doing thorough cleaning of the areas in the house.
· Setting up a cleaning timetable which ensures every part of the house gets a chance to be cleaned.
· Create a check list for all the areas to be cleaned.

3. Remove stains

Stains make cleaning harder than it normally is. This is because most stains require the use of special detergents and cleaning agents. It is important to therefore clean any spills that occur before a stain is formed. The following are things that should be done when removing stains;

· Use a sponge and soft cloth to wipe and avoid the use of abrasives which might bring more damage to the material in question.

· Avoid scrubbing vigorously at the stain to avoid damaging the material.

· Use warm water on stains rather than hot water because hot water may make protein related stains harder to remove.

· It is essential to read the manufacturer's instructions on the specified cleaning agents to be used.

. Clean stains when they occur.

· Test the cleaning agent first before using it on any important surface to avoid destroying expensive and high quality material.

4. Disinfect the house

It is important to regularly disinfect sensitive parts of your house in order to avoid contamination. This helps to eliminate the chances of getting and spreading diseases. These areas include the kitchen sink, the toilet bowl, the bath tub (if present) and the bathroom sink. It is also advisable to clean and disinfect the dishwasher especially when one person in your home has a cold so as to reduce the risks of spreading the disease. This will help you have a fresh and sanitary home environment. This also reduces the chances of getting stains in the said areas.

5. Choosing cleaning agents

Choosing the appropriate cleaning agents could go a long way in helping ease up the cleaning process. This is because with the right detergent, it would be easy to wipe off dirt or remove any stains that might have been formed.

6. Engage your Family

Cleaning can be easy and fun when everyone in the family is involved in it. Having everyone doing some cleaning reduces the amount of time that may be used up doing the cleaning. This also provides a time for you to bond with the members of your family. It also offers an opportunity for you to train your children to clean up after themselves and therefore give them a sense of responsibility.

7. Proper organization

It is advisable to have a sense of organization in your house as this helps even during cleaning. It would be less hectic if you do not have to start by arranging and collecting things before cleaning a room. It is therefore important to have things that can help you put things in order. Proper organization can be achieved by;

· Having laundry baskets for dirty clothes.
. Having a shoe rack to arrange shoes.
· Having built in shelves for books.
. Drawers for kitchen utensils.

8. Sorting clothes

Sorting clothes according to color and the degree of dirt they have can be very helpful when it comes to cleaning them. It helps protect your clothes from damage in the case where one has running color. It also helps to prevent further soiling of clothes especially when you have clothes that are muddy or greasy in the same pile.

9. Employ the services of a cleaning company

It would be advisable to have a cleaning company clean your house once in a while. This is because they use an extensive collection of cleaning materials that goes along way to ensure that every part of your house is spotless and dirt free. These services come in handy;

· When moving into a new house or out of your old house.
· After staying away from the house for a long period of time.
· When you are to host many people over for some time.
· After the house has undergone renovation.
· Also when you desire to have someone do the cleaning for you.

The Hari Raya, spring cleaning tips mentioned can help you make cleaning easy for you. Together with these tips,changing your mind set about cleaning can also help make cleaning an easy task to perform. Training yourself to view cleaning as a means to get a dirt free and beautiful house can help you stay motivated to clean.